Donations & Partnership

Several ways to participate with your offerings …

We are so grateful for your life and would be honored to have you partner with us on this journey of life serving God. Would you pray to God to be a part of this ministry?

As a Christian ministry, we operate by faith serving God in the nations in more than 25 countries, with 80 connection centers in about 60 cities. We are committed to the biblical principles to reach out with eternal salvation. We are fully dedicated to the pastoral care, praying, ministering and teaching, making disciples in the nations, and helping others to overcome life issues, to grow in their spiritual lives so that, they may witness about their faith in Jesus.

You can make the difference in the life of many when you participate with your freewill offerings, financial support and partnership with La Roca Community, and help us reach them with eternal salvation. You can do it in any of the following ways:

  1. Click the button “Donate” below
  2. In USA, send a check or money order to La Roca Community at 7785 SW 86th St, #215, Miami, FL 33143
  3. Or send a transfer through the phone application Zelle to the number (305) 505-1536
  4. From anywhere in the world send a transfer through
  5. From any Country send a transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram (to Luis Jaimes, same address)
  6. Directly through the PayPal link

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