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“Removing things from within”

Icon Written by La Roca Community on August 23, 2017 – 1:47 pm

“Video: removing things from within” Ministering the word at FBC Big Pine Key, Sunday Aug 20, 2017 Jeremiah 1.10, Jeremiah 31.28 God has a message, God is talking to his people, to his Church, to the nations, to kingdoms. He speaks through His word, through the Ruash Hakodesh (the Holy Spirit) as a mighty wind, […]

Puedes escuchar su silbido apacible

Icon Written by La Roca Community on August 15, 2017 – 11:57 am

Transcripción al español de la predicación en inglés “Searching for still small voice” en la FBC Big Pine Key en los Cayos, Florida, domingo 13 agosto 2017. Lucho Jaimes, La Roca Community Online, Pastor Link para el texto de “En la búsqueda del silbido apacible” Link Youtube para el video en inglés “Searching for still […]